Emotional Well-being

With no work-life balance, dealing with workplace anxiety can be a daunting task in addition to handling personal challenges. It is a vicious loop; the harder you try getting out of the anxiety pang, the deeper you get sucked into it.

At some stage in their working life, anxiety disorder has impacted approximately 40 – 50 million adults in the age group between 18 - 54

Difference between anxiety and stress.

What causes workplace anxiety?

Workplace stress is different from anxiety. The nagging worry about deadlines and juggling demanding tasks at work is stress. But anxiety can feel like life is out of control. Anxiety in the workplace is often caused by:

  • Heavy workloads
  • Poor management (lack of communication, micro-managing).
  • Long working hours
  • Lack of autonomy
  • Conflicts with colleagues

By working with companies across Industries, Verzital strives towards reducing employee anxiety, stress and depression and ensure they are less likely to experience work-related mental ill-health leading to a happier, more productive workforce.